Diagnostic Modalities

General X-rays

X-ray imaging scans the inside of your body by using radiation called electromagnetic waves. Crawfurd Medical Centre uses the x-ray machine to quickly examine your bones and body organs. Overall, we use the x-ray to diagnose your medical condition and plan a future treatment.

Laboratory Testing

At times, we require our patients to undergo laboratory testing to evaluate their health conditions or to confirm a diagnosis. We may also require you to do a laboratory testing as part of a routine checkup. Our laboratory testing procedures may involve testing samples of blood, urine, or other substances in the patient’s body.

Ultrasound with Elastography

Ultrasound with Elastography is a recently new technology in the field of health care. Our device can map the elasticity of soft tissues inside the body with stunning details. Ultrasound with Elastography is a common tool to assess liver, thyroid, and prostate cancers.


Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer among women in Singapore. Therefore, women are advised to undergo a mammography examination at least once every year as the chances of surviving breast cancer increases with early detection. Crawfurd Medical can scan the patients’ inner aspect of the breast and detect breast cancer with its mammography technology.

Cardiovascular Assessment

Cardiovascular Assessment is very important in clinical practice. If left undetected for many years, you can have a potential for cardiovascular disease. Our assessment methods at Crawfurd Medical include ECG, Blood Test, Stress Test and Treadmill.

DEXA Full Body Fat Analysis

Patients with body weight problems can consult our doctors and register for weight loss, nutrition, or fitness programme. With DEXA Full Body Fat Analysis, you can track your weight loss progress by measuring fat percentage within your body.

DEXA Bone Mineral Densitometry

This technology helps our team to measure the density of your bone. It is typically used to diagnose and track osteoporosis.