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Crawfurd Medical is named after Sir John Crawfurd, a well-known medical doctor from Scotland. He was a prominent figure in Singapore because he was instrumental in laying the foundations for the future growth of the country. He became a British resident of Singapore in 1823 after he joined the East India Company’s medical service. Sir John Crawfurd sets a good example of an individual who successfully combined scholarship, social, and diplomatic abilities. As an orientalist, an ethnologist, and a diplomat, he was able to establish his relationships with local communities.

At Crawfurd Medical, we are inspired and committed to providing the best of care for our patients. Not only our doctors are highly qualified in the field of medicine and aesthetics, we also understand our patients’ non-medical needs. Nevertheless, we believe that patient’s care is not just about prescribing medications and tests. Instead, patient’s care rather extends to their livelihoods, their social habits, and their support structure. We also wish not to have restrictions to the confines of medicine.

We treat our patients with respect by providing good quality service, comfortable space and pleasant atmosphere in our medical centre. Crawfurd Medical also aims to maintain our relationships with former and current patients as well as the community by continuously providing health support and advice.

We provide a range of healthcare services

What type of services do you need?

Health Screening

Health screening is one of our core services amongst general practice, insurance check-ups, and diagnostic modalities.

Diagnostic Modalities

Crawfurd Medical is equipped with well mended imaging tools to deliver a comprehensive health screening to put your mind at ease.

Crawfurd Aesthetics

Crawfurd Aesthetics specializes in Hyaluronic Dermal Fillers, Botulinum Injection, and many other medical aesthetics treatment.

Corporate Health

Crawfurd Medical provides a series of comprehensive workplace health programmes to look after the health and well-being of employees.

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