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Podiatry is a branch of healthcare that is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatments of your foot, ankle, and lower limb structures.

Healthy feet are vital to your mobility and overall wellbeing. Unfortunately, many people do not look after their feet as much as they do to their body.

It’s time to treat your feet right! Our Podiatrists can diagnose and treat your foot pain or soft tissue conditions. We also provide Customised Shoe Insoles to provide stability and alleviate pains in feet and ankles.

Our Podiatry Specialists provide treatments for foot, ankle, and lower extremities. We deal with a variety of conditions as follows:


Heel pain can be caused by several conditions such as bone fracture, sprains, strains, Achilles Tendonitis, and many others. You should call a doctor immediately if your pain is severe.
This pain occurs between your archs and toes. Sometimes, it can be caused by a callus that forms on the bottom of your foot. Wearing shoes that don’t fit properly can also cause the pain.
You have flat feet if your foot arches flatten and collapse. People with flat feet can have risks of pain and injuries if left untreated.
It is a bump that forms on the side of your big toe. There are many causes of bunions, including wearing tight shoes, injuries, or genetics.
Shin Splint is in inflammation of the muscles, tendons, and bone tissue around the tibia. Usually, the inner border of the tibia. This disorder can be developed after physical activity, especially running.
Some of the factors that cause knee pain include injuries, physical activities, aging, sprains, strains and infection.
Diseases and injuries can cause ankle pain, swelling, and stiffness. Consult doctors immediately before the pain gets worse.
Achilles Tendon is a tough band of tissues that connects the calf muscles to the heel bones. It can be injured or inflammated due to lack of or excessive physical activity.
Poeple with leg length difference may limp or have difficulties when walking. In the long term, it can affect well-being and quality of life.
Sports involve the use of lower limbs and can cause athletes vulnerable to injuries. We treat professional athletes or those who participate in sports recreationally.
Your children may complain of pains in the lower body. We recommend you to visit a podiatrist before they’re fully grown.



Infections can be caused by bacteria and fungi. The spread can continue of left untreated.  
Visit podiatrist if you experience severe discomfort in your toes as a result of fungus and ingrown toe nail or simply want to remedy them.
Plantar warts usually appear on the bottom of the foot. It is often caused by viral infection.
Patients with uncontrolled Diabetes Mellitus can have a risk of non-healing wounds and infections commonly located at the bottom of the foot. Some poeple with diabetic wounds can have a risk of amputation.


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